Yoga is an effective tool to calm your mind and body

Yoga is an effective tool to calm your mind and body

Yoga is not just a disciplined exercise for holistic healing of mind, body, and soul. It is a spiritual science that brings inner harmony and unison of mind and body. Those who practice Yoga know how it can transform an individual into a healthy and happy person.

One of the main objectives of Yoga is to achieve tranquility of the mind. That’s why those who follow regular yogic practices, especially mind balance Yoga, witness improved mental balance, which eventually calms the body.

Mind balance Yoga helps improve serotonin levels in the body besides reducing Monoamine oxidase (MAO), an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters and cortisol. With this, the body experiences a good flow of ‘Happy Hormones’ that fill you with happiness, laughter, pleasurable sensations, and lovely feelings. All this eventually lets you feel relaxed like never before.


What are Happy Hormones?  

Happy Hormones are a group of hormones that regulate the happiness quotient of an individual. These include:

  • Dopamine: A Feel-good hormone
  • Serotonin: A neurotransmitter mood regulator
  • Oxytocin: The love hormone
  • Endorphins: Natural pain reliever


A relaxed body and calm mind let your motor system function fine, relaxing the nervous system that induces better sleep. As per health experts, eight hours of sound sleep is necessary for holistic healing. And when you sleep better, your organs are rejuvenated as the body undergoes wear & tear mechanism.

Relieve stress by controlling over-breathing through Yoga

While practicing Yoga, you aim to relax, slow the breath and focus on the present. The Pranayamas encourage controlling breathing and regulating the lungs’ airflow.

By controlling over-breathing patterns, you learn to control your thoughts. Notably, correct breathing helps in cleansing toxins from the body and bringing harmony within. It helps people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health issues.

Every breath you take regulates your brain functions so if you learn to control it, you will surely experience many health benefits.

Adopt Yoga as a way of life for holistic wellbeing 

Yoga has myriad benefits, which cannot be described but can be certainly felt.

  • Regular Yoga makes you more healthy and agile
  • Internal organs start functioning better
  • The mind becomes more focused
  • Your soul experiences eternal happiness

When your body gets rejuvenated, your mind is relaxed, and you can do miracles and perform at your maximum capacity.

Yoga combined with meditation gives excellent results

Meditation is an excellent mental healer, which relieves you from overthinking, negative thoughts, and anger. It is also beneficial in finding your true calling.

Together, Yoga and meditation inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggression, and rage, which result in reducing: anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output.

Now that you know the miraculous benefits of Yoga, it’s time to make it an indispensable part of your life and let your mind, body, and soul work in sync. Once your mind, body, and soul start working and thinking together, you can expect the best solutions to your life’s problems. 

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