Things you should know about yoga trapeze as a beginner

Things you should know about yoga trapeze as a beginner

Yoga is a form of exercise that enables you to move your body in various positions, making it more flexible and fit. Yoga poses help in improving your breathing and relaxing your mind.

Yoga in itself is so vast that it offers something for everyone. One of the forms of Yoga that has been gaining popularity worldwide is Yoga Trapeze, also known as Yoga Swing.

What is Yoga Trapeze?

It is a Yoga style whereby you hang on a fabric swing and practice poses in the air, similar to a flying kite. The idea behind Yoga Trapeze is to suspend the body using gravity, enabling it to realign itself.

It has excellent health benefits. It helps to improve the flexibility of the body and circulation. It also relieves back pain.

Yoga Trapeze for Beginner

Beginners can learn Yoga Trapeze from professional Yoga practitioners. Let us see some poses that can help you get started with ease.

  • Lay Back: The most tempting pose is to lie on the back in the hammock, allowing it to swing. Put your arms out to the side, which opens the shoulders and chest.
  • Chair Position: This pose requires you to sink as if sitting in a chair. You have to keep the wing under the armpits for a deeper stretch and rest your hands on your thighs. This stretch helps release compression through the vertebrae.
  • Shoulder Expansion: This pose requires the hammock to wrap around wrists and press palms forward. The stretch shoots through the shoulders and spine and alleviates any pain in the lower back.
  • Hammock Plank: Rest the top of the feet onto the hammock to build strength. Place your hands under your shoulders to enter the plank position. It enables the core to be engaging. The pose allows the shoulders, wrists, legs, and spine to increase strength. It is something that works for the whole body.
  • Gravity Inversion: Wrap your hips in the hammock. Lean backward, straightening the legs out in your front as you roll back over the hammock. Enable your hands to stretch the arms out and move them in either direction, as if you are mirroring a starfish.

Besides ensuring fitness, Yoga Trapeze offers a lot of health benefits.

  • Increases Mood: In poses where the body is in an upside-down position, the oxygen supply to the brain enhances. It helps in releasing hormones that give off happier signals.
  • Helps in Back Pain: The Yoga Trapeze has gained a lot of recognition due to its unique approach that helps reduce back pain.
  • Increased Stretches: Suspension enables you to feel the stretch in its totality, particularly in backbends.
  • Strengthening Muscles: Being suspended in the air, it is not necessary to hold yourself. It’s a chance to tackle some stiff muscles and work towards strengthening them.

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