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Mary Harrington

I am a sixty-seven-year-old female and have been going to Angie’s yoga class for the last 3 months. It has particularly helped me with the stiffness in my hips and greatly increased my overall flexibility. I leave the class invigorated and ready to get on with my day.

Athena Tracy

Greatly; I have realized particularly the aspects of breathing, concentrating, stretching, trying to learn various aspects of body control and functioning. I am 79 years old. My experience of yoga with my wonderful teacher?  She is just that — a fantastic, caring teacher who is more than willing to help an “old” not-so-limber person learn…

Linda Drake

I began Yoga with Anjana not understanding what it was all about. After six weeks, my flexibility has improved so much and I love the sessions. Anjana is patient with the class of not-so-young clients ( I am 80 yrs. old) and is so willing to help each of us with our stretches, bends, and…

John Harrington

I am a seventy-year-old male who was struggling with flexibility issues which were beginning to impact my ability to play around with my grandchildren. I had thought about taking up yoga a couple of times in the past but never found the time. My wife and I joined Anji’s chair yoga classes about three months…

Elizabeth H

Anjana classes were always positive and uplifting. She was very conscious of each individuals physical limitations and needs and would advise and assist accordingly. She was good at challenging us and she gave us great encouragement. In addition she’s a lovely person.

Dolly Chauhan

Anjana was a very knowledgeable yoga instructor with the perfect balance of patience and motivational energy. I am hooked and excited to learn more!

Patricia Nobles

I had never considered Yoga before because I am a Believer in Christ. I had always been told that Yoga was about meditation and centering and really had its roots in mysticism, so I steered clear of it. As I’ve grown more in Grace and the knowledge of Christ and am now deeply rooted in…

Shalini Rana

Anjana is very patient and knowledgeable in her unique yoga teachings. She explained every position’s importance and compassionately guided me in learning it.