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She is very professional, pleasant and meticulous in correcting exercises that are not performed correctly. The lessons are well planned and very diverse.

Limor Wed Feb 27 2019

Anjana’s yoga sessions were very personalized even though I attended a group class. The movements she taught us helped me unwind and was a true work out. The yoga environment was very relaxing and allowed me to focus on breathing and the yoga techniques. I have yet to find another yoga session like Anjana’s.

Rose Bey Wed Feb 27 2019

She knows what works best for me and gives me enough time to learn all . I would recommend her to all who wants to learn real yoga .

Kevin Wed Feb 27 2019

Anjana is passionate about yoga and life in general that it rubs onto you. She teaches in a comfortable and relaxing way so that her yoga becomes a way of life rather than an activity to be done in the time you are with her.

Ketayun Wed Feb 27 2019