John Harrington

I am a seventy-year-old male who was struggling with flexibility issues which were beginning to impact my ability to play around with my grandchildren. I had thought about taking up yoga a couple of times in the past but never found the time. My wife and I joined Anji’s chair yoga classes about three months ago.
We are now reaping the benefits of these weekly classes and I can once again stretch to touch my toes which I’ve been unable to do for some years! Additionally, my back, shoulders, and hips have gained flexibility and strength. I am now regularly scoring in the mid 80’s instead of mid 90’s on the golf course. I feel much more confident in doing chores around the house and garden as my balance and flexibility have improved markedly.
Both my wife and I feel improved energy, mood, and flexibility as a direct result of the yoga classes.
I wholeheartedly recommend Anji as a wonderful, engaging, and dedicated yoga teacher and coach.