5 Easy Ways to Relax Your Mind

We seem to be juggling a lot more work in our lives during the pandemic. There is a lot of stress on our minds. It may sound easy working from home but you still can’t relax your mind.

In our culture, it is more of a privilege to overbook ourselves with work and feel exhausted. We reach a point where the practice of self-care is not on our to do list. No wonder we do not know how to figure out how to relax and be happy.

We can keep pushing our bodies like an overused coffee machine. Till we need to relieve stress, our aching muscles crying out for a massage, our brains are deep-fried.

As wonderful and inviting as a wellness retreat sounds or a wellness getaway. For most of us, we can hardly find the time or the money for this splurge.

We are working from home, but it is still difficult to set boundaries. And it is challenging for some quality me-time.

Making a few small lifestyle changes and adding new habits. It will help in finding your inner peace and relax your mind.

If we find our way to relax first and take care of ourselves first the rest will fall in place. And if not I would say we will be in a better situation to handle the issue as we have rested than not rested at all. You will be a better judge for yourself.

  1. Accept that you deserve to unwind.

    The big challenge one faces is to accept it in our mind. Yes, we need to relax. especially women never hit that pause button. Women believe that they can’t relax till their workload finishes. Women carry a lot of emotional baggage in their minds. I know one would have heard it a thousand times. And it is never enough till you take action to say Yes I deserve to relax myself to take care of others. The best example would be when the flight attendant says first but the mask on yourself then your child. In that same way take care of yourself first.
  2. Breathe in Deep and Exhale even deeper.
    Yes, you are breathing and that’s why one is alive. In Sanskrit, we have a well-known saying “Breath is life”. Breathing is our fundamental part of our system. That Reminds us we are alive. Being conscious of your breath and reminding oneself to breathe in deeper help to relax the mind.

    Check out the video on Bellow’s breath and  3 Lock breath
  3. Yoga Practice.
    Any form of yoga practice will help to change your mood. May it be simple sitting posture and meditate or chanting. If your mind wanders in meditation it is ok. Bring your focus back to your breath. Chanting the mantra repetitive times, help’s our mind to focus. On the chanting, the mind stays focused rather than the active monkey mind.

  4. Nature walk. A simple walk in Nature helps to elevate your mood and stress. A brisk walk helps to boost our feel-good hormones. A trail in the neighborhood itself will be good. Doesn’t have to be a long drive to go for a walk. Whatever suits the hour of need. For some may prefer even a beach walk. Why not. The ocean is always soothing. The sound of the waves, seeing the sunrise or sunset is very pretty.

  5. Eat your Stress. This is me. I love to eat when anxious. I eat healthy thou rich in omega 3, antioxidants food, Complex carbohydrates, is the trick. Makes you feel full and satisfied. This gives more of a calming effect on our mind body and soul. Open up your favorite wine. Sip your way to stress and relax. Why not you deserve to relax.

Ending with a simple beautiful phrase we need to always remember.

Here are some tried and tested methods one can try to relax right away or before bedtime.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…Including you.” – Anne Lamott