5 Reasons Why You Should Buy TRX Resistance Bands

If you are a certified yogi or even planning on doing yoga for the first time, you’ll know that TRX resistance bands are standard tools for many yoga exercises. Aside from yoga, it is also widely used in gym establishments of even for home workout. This portable device utilizes your own body weight and gravity to strengthen your core muscles. It is ideal to use for both strength and cardio training.

TRX resistance bands are usually found anchored or mounted. With it, you can perform many yoga poses and exercises for an overall and practical workout session. This simple yet efficient tool was created by Randy Hetrick, a Navy Seal who wanted to keep fit even when deployed abroad.

How to Use TRX Resistance Bands

TRX resistance bands can be a bit overwhelming to use at first. Find an anchor point and make sure to secure it. It can be behind the door, on a tree, or anywhere you want to do your exercises. TRX resistance bands work in the same way as your free weights. They only differ on how you position the bands. For bicep curls, you can use the band by gripping the handles. On the other hand, attaching this tool to a door will allow you to do your triceps pushdowns and pulldowns. You’ll be surprised to realize you have a full gym in your hands.

Advantages of Using TRX Resistance Bands

Thanks to TRX bands, we can do effective core training even when we’re at home. If you’re still indecisive about adding TRX resistance bands into your workout of a yoga routine, then here are 5 reasons why you should buy TRX resistance bands.

  1. Versatile

If you’re just a beginner, or even in an advanced fitness level, TRX resistance bands can definitely help you with your daily grind. This versatile tool can be adjusted to accommodate users from beginner to advanced levels. TRX bands offer various modifications you can use to perform different routines. Unlike most exercises where you need to consistently increase your reps or weight, with a TRX band, you only need to reposition your body frame to increase your workout intensity.

  1. Burns more Calories

If you workout to burn more calories, TRX resistance bands can certainly help you. This tool is designed to burn more calories without the need to go to a gym and do various workout routines. Studies show that using TRX resistance bands increases muscle growth and burn calories effectively. TRX also offers mobility exercises you can follow to maximize each TRX training session.

  1. Safer

TRX training proves to be as effective as gym sessions in building muscles and strengthening your core. Thus, you can do it at home. Without heavy and bulky equipment around, you are generally safer and at a lesser risk of being injured. Also, TRX training focuses more on mobility and flexibility, putting less pressure on the joints.

  1. Various Core and Muscle Exercises

TRX resistance bands allow you to modify your workout and set your own progress levels. That means you’ll never run out of new routines. Challenge yourself with increasing intensity levels by adjusting the bands to different lengths. Your body angle can also be a factor in creating simple to complex exercises. If you prefer to hire a TRX trainer, then it can also help you modify the bands for better workouts and check your progress.

  1. Portable

The best thing about TRX resistance bands is its portability. This light-weight device can easily be tossed inside your bag and carry with you wherever you are. Its portability makes it popular for those who don’t want to miss a gym session. Just find a stable anchor point, mount it, and you’re ready for your workout routine. No matter where you are, you won’t have any reason to miss your fitness sessions.


TRX resistance bands are specially designed to help with core muscle exercises and overall body fitness. If you want to lose weight and strengthen your muscles, you need not purchase expensive gym memberships anymore. All you need is your reliable TRX bands, and you can do any gym routine you can ever think of. For yogis who want to improve their flexibility, adding TRX training will definitely help you achieve the yoga positions you want to learn and perform.