7 Mistake Running With A Phone In Your Hand.

Can you imagine life without our smartphone? We have become a part of this invincible gadget that rules our human brain, and body. It’s like a new limb to our body. It would be a terrible feeling leaving the phone at home or can I say spooky tobe seen without a phone in your hand. Its become an obsession with our phones to the extent we have to carry it for our run. Whether you are a morning runner or an evening jogger. Even when we go for a walk the phones are held in our palms.
Our hands are so full of our daily chores, be it at the work or in the comfort of your home. We make time to run from our busy lifestyle, don’t run with your hands full. Ease out and enjoy the run, jog, or walk.
Running with your phone or water bottle in your hand changes your body movement. Compared to running or jogging hands-free.
Yes, I agree they are the perfect accessory and companion to listen to music. And keep you on track as you track your route.
If you ask for a phone repair person or the phone insurance person the No1 reason the phone cracked is from a runner.
We already know the answer. Sure thing.
As the phones are big and heavy we are risking our body more and more and prone to injuries.
  • Holding the phone in your palm blocks the blood flow of the arm. Imagine if you are running daily for 30-60 min.into weeks months of training see the impact it creates.
  • When one arm is swinging instead of both the arms swinging for the runner. Making the one arm heavier impacting the momentum of the movement.
  • It’s a force of habit to hold the phone on the same hand causing a more muscular imbalance and repetitive injury
  • Affects the hips, legs, and shoulder injury.
  • Causes Neck pain.
  • This impacts the distribution of the weight in our body making it inefficient for a runner.
  • The asymmetrical imbalance creates a different stride for the runner. Compensating on working some muscles harder than the other.
Did you know there is a new term for the way smartphones impact our hands and fingers? its- “text claw or cell phone elbow.
We make think it’s a very trivial matter but over a period of time, this can cause a tremendous impact on your health. It’s a good time to change the bad habit into a positive and healthier lifestyle. According to the experts, the waistband is safer than even an armband. Keep me posted on how the waistband worked for you.
As the research has shown the long term behaviour change is the key factor to good healthy habits.